about us

Meet The Team!

What started out as a 1 man operation, has soon expanded as we build the dream team. I personally can't handle the demand by myself, but rest assured, whether it's myself (Jackson) or anyone else on the job, you will be experience the utmost professionalism and care from any of "The Pink Guys"

The Painters

James "Perfection" Alvarez

James is a man on a mission to defy the odds, and exceed expectations both professionally and in his personal. With an eye for quality, he does not stop until it's done right, with the quality his number #1 focus.

An entrepreneur at heart, James has big plans to run his own business someday while serving his community. 


In his spare time, he is an avid drummer, laying down the 2's and 4's. 

Tristan is the big great energy on the job site. If you catch him not smiling, snap a photo, because I've never seen it.  His enthusiasm carries over into his work, as he is passionate about turning your space into a beautiful work of art.


"At the pink guy we don’t just see a bland project, we see an opportunity to transform the space into exactly what is desired. To be true artists and craftsmen, not just producers."

In his spare time, he is a licensed traveling massage therapist, and an e-commerce entrepreneur, so feel free to pick his brain about both.

Tristan "Big Energy" Casadei




Joshua Ray​

- Handyman extraordinaire -

Josh handles the bulk of our in-home Service calls, and let me tell you, he is one of the most delightful gentleman you could have in your home.

Josh is one of the most professional, polite and courteous individuals I've ever worked with, and you will find him to be a great conversationalist. His problem solving skills are the center of skillset, and he always ensures that the project is done correct. He also a comedic actor, so laughter is ripe in the air when Josh is around.

- Josh specializes in mounting, hanging, installation, assembling furniture, and all the small needs you have around your home.